Things To Do at LACMA In Los Angeles, CA

What is there to do at The Los Angeles Museum of Art?

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, also known as LACMA, is the largest art museum in the western United States. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the museum boasts a vast collection of over 130,000 works of art from around the world, spanning from ancient times to the present day. Here’s more about the LACMA Museum. Here are some of the best things to do at LACMA:

Explore the Art Collections
LACMA has a vast and diverse collection of art, ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary works. You can explore the museum’s collections by visiting the various galleries, which include American art, Latin American art, Asian art, and Islamic art. The museum also has collections of European paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts.

Visit the Urban Light Installation
One of LACMA’s most iconic installations is the Urban Light, a sculpture created by artist Chris Burden. The installation consists of 202 vintage street lamps, arranged in a grid pattern in front of the museum. The Urban Light is especially beautiful at night, when the lamps are illuminated.

See the Levitated Mass Sculpture
Another iconic sculpture at LACMA is the Levitated Mass, created by artist Michael Heizer. The sculpture consists of a 340-ton boulder that is suspended above a concrete trench. Visitors can walk underneath the boulder, which creates a sense of awe and wonder.

Attend an Exhibition or Program
LACMA hosts a variety of temporary exhibitions and programs throughout the year. These exhibitions often focus on specific themes or artists, and provide a deeper insight into various art forms. LACMA also offers programs such as lectures, screenings, and concerts, which are a great way to engage with art in a different way.

Visit the Boone Children’s Gallery
The Boone Children’s Gallery is a hands-on art studio for children ages 5-12. The gallery provides children with the opportunity to explore different art materials and techniques, and create their own works of art. The gallery is open daily and is free to the public.

Relax in the Park
LACMA is located in the middle of Hancock Park, a beautiful park that covers over 50 acres. The park includes walking paths, gardens, and fountains, and is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. You can also bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the park.

Take a Guided Tour
LACMA offers guided tours of the museum, led by knowledgeable docents. The tours provide an in-depth look at the museum’s collections and exhibitions, and are a great way to learn more about art. LACMA also offers audio guides, which can be rented for a small fee.

Visit the Ray’s and Stark Bar
The Ray’s and Stark Bar is a restaurant located on the LACMA campus, which serves contemporary Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, and is a great place to grab a bite to eat before or after exploring the museum.

Check Out the Gift Shop
LACMA’s gift shop is a great place to pick up unique gifts and souvenirs. The shop sells a variety of items, including art books, jewelry, and home decor. You can also find items related to current exhibitions and programs.

See the Japanese Pavilion
LACMA’s Japanese Pavilion is a beautiful building that houses the museum’s collection of Japanese art. The pavilion includes galleries of traditional Japanese art, such as ceramics and textiles, as well as contemporary works by Japanese artists.

Visit the Korean Art Galleries
LACMA’s Korean Art Galleries are home to one of the largest collections of Korean art outside of Korea. The galleries include ceramics, paintings, and sculptures from ancient times to the present day.

Check Out the Latin American Art Galleries
LACMA has a large collection of Latin American art, spanning from pre-Columbian times to contemporary works. The galleries include paintings, sculptures, and textiles from countries such as Mexico, Peru, and Brazil.

Attend a Film Screening
LACMA’s Bing Theater is a state-of-the-art venue for film screenings and other events. The theater shows a variety of films, including classic Hollywood movies, foreign films, and independent films. LACMA also hosts film festivals throughout the year.

See the Contemporary Art Galleries
LACMA’s contemporary art galleries showcase works from the 1960s to the present day. The galleries include works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Cindy Sherman. The contemporary galleries are a great place to see art that reflects current cultural and social issues.

Take a Self-Guided Tour
If you prefer to explore the museum at your own pace, LACMA offers self-guided tours that you can access through your smartphone or tablet. The tours include audio commentary and images of the artworks, and allow you to customize your own itinerary.

In conclusion, LACMA is a must-visit destination for art lovers and anyone interested in learning more about different cultures and time periods. With its vast collection of art, beautiful campus, and diverse range of programs and events, there’s something for everyone at LACMA.


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