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Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds is always working towards helping good people out of an unpleasant circumstance. When your loved one or close friend gets locked up and ends up on the wrong side of the law, our Bail Bond knowledge and years of experience with North Hollywood, along with the entire state of California and Federal Courts. In the spirit of our business model, “Helping good people out of a bad situation”, we plan to make this process easy and as stress free as possible.

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Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds is the only North Hollywood, CA bail bond agent who will work with you through your court case. He will gladly recommend and attorney that can help resolve your case. In some case, for highly qualified clients, Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds can offer multiple payments and reduced bond costs. This is because there is less risk associated with certain types charges. Be sure to ask your bond agent if you qualify for a reduced fee or easy payment terms.

The North Hollywood Bail Bond Process

Right after an arrest, people going up against charges must remain behind bars unless they “get bailed out,” or pay the amount ordered by the court. In lieu of hanging around in a cell for days or weeks until trial, a bail bond makes it possible for the accused to be discharged from incarceration until the next court hearing. Bail bonds guarantee that the person will be present on the next scheduled court date in exchange for being discharged from police custody. Most people count on licensed bail providers to deal with the jail or detention facility and expedite release. The responsibilities of bail bond agents include:

  • Locating the accused
  • Preparing full payment
  • Revealing up-front costs
  • Ensuring court presence
  • Explaining bond contract
  • Finding fugitive with warrant
  • Preparing Nebbia requirements
  • Collecting non-refundable service fee (premium).
  • 10% of state bond amount in California.
  • Approximately 15% of federal bond amount.
  • 20% in some immigration cases.
  • Safely keeping collateral in trust.
  • Used to recover cost if can not find fugitive.
  • Can be anything of value to ensure full payment.
  • Returned in full once case completed.
  • Can be property, car, bank account, or co-signor’s assets.

Some cases call for a “Nebbia proffer,” which is designed to show that the expense and security are derived from legit sources, not unlawful activity. Bail bond agents examine financial assets and show the source of the funds through documentary evidence. A Nebbia hearing may be needed if the district attorney does not accept the proffer. Bail bondsmen are the only means of ensuring that the source of payment remains private. Because taking care of a number of courts, jails, and officials can get tricky, bond agencies must be well-versed in all aspects of the process.

Our Local Bail Bond Services

At Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds we offer a wide range of bail bond services designed to help our clients more effectively. As bail agents, we operate in the public trust. Each defendant we release receives oral and written instruction on their obligation under our bond. No matter the time of day or night, our expert bondsmen are standing by ready to help you in your time of need. When it comes to the well-being of your loved ones, don’t settle for a bail bonding service that’s both expensive and inefficient. 

We do everything we can to make the process go smoothly by: Clearly explaining each step in the process and being up front with you on all issues. Providing free bail information and moving quickly to arrange bail and write the bond. Being flexible and working with you on financial arrangements.


As an added benefit we offer bail by phone in many circumstances. We have the capacity to execute the entire transaction over the phone including payment. This makes it easy for an out of town, or shut in family member the handle the bail and release of a family member. There are situations where leaving your job is not a possibility and bail by phone is an ideal solution.

West Hollywood California Bail Bond Resources

At Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds we want to be sure that you fully understand the bail bond process. That’s why we put together a comprehensive list of North Hollywood bail bond resources that you can review before making your decision to bail.

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