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In Need of Santa Ana Bail Bonds? Find out why were top rated Bail bondsman.

Find a bail bondsman near you today in Santa Ana. Just how easy it it? It is as simple as a phone call, and that is why our Santa Ana location has garnered five star reviews over the course of time. We take pride in serving our clients with concierge customer service in the cities of Santa Ana, Newport Beach area, Costa Mesa, Aliso Viejo, and the surrounding areas. When you reach our licensed bail agent you will be met with unwavering attention to detail. Our bond agents have access to numerous resources to set the proper bail amounts to set a defendant released from jail. With reputations on the line during these stressful situations we promise confidential and professional work as our bail bonds agents works to keep everything discreet. Our offices will work around the clock to deliver affordable bonds to release the defendant from jail, but also provide information regarding upcoming court dates, legal matters, search warrants, and more.

As a top rated bail bond office we serve multiple cities and multiple infractions. We pride ourselves on being resourful for our clients which is why we offer 24/7 access to our bail agents. Time and efficiency are of the essence during these matters. Along with our legal guidance we will work with attorneys and the court systems to reduce your bail if possible. We are proud to serve our clients by providing the following for the bail process:

Our bail bond office serves numerous locations and we will go out of our way to answer your phone calls no matter what time of day. We understand these issues are on an immediate basis and work to deliver results quickly and efficiently. Our bond system creates a flawless effort to bail yourself or your loved ones. As a top rated bail bonds company we work to make the bail process easy with a number of accolades such as:

  • 24/7 business hours
  • Signature releases
  • The lowest rates possible
  • A reduction to no collateral in most cases
  • Affordable payment plans
  • Professional, confidential, and commercial bail.

Our team will give your case attention to detail so you receive the best service for the difficult time occurring. When it comes to bail bonds, court date checks, court locations, the newest bail news, updated warrants, and more, we would be delighted to serve you along the entire way.


About The City of Santa Ana

Santa Ana is a historic city in Orange County in the LA metropolitan area. The beautiful climate has garnered a population of over 330,000 people. This makes Santa Ana the 57th most-populous city in the US. Santa Ana is home to numerous attractions such as The Bowers Museum and The Old Orange County Courthouse. Also home to highly notable Mater Dei High school, the area produces talents for multiple sports such as football.

If you are in Santa Ana and a loved one was recently jailed for a crime please know they may be subject to bail and release. We will work with the court system and attorneys to reduce bail and free your loved on from the clutches of a jail cell. The city of Santa Ana has seen a rise is bail due to a growing population and more nightlife attractions. If you are in need of bail please don’t hesitate to call us today!

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At Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds we offer bonds in the following cases:

At Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds we offer bonds in the following cases:

  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor
  • Robbery
  • Marijuana/Drug Use
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Burglary
  • Domestive Violence/Spousal Abuse
  • Federal
  • Immigration
  • And More!
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