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Bail Bonds Orange County


Contact Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds if a friend or loved one has recently been arrested. Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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6831 Breeland Drive Huntington Beach Suite B, CA, 92647



Hours of Operation

Monday 24 hours

Tuesday 24 hours

Wednesday 24 hours

Thursday 24 hours

Friday 24 hours

Saturday 24 hours

Sunday 24 hours

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How Our Orange County Process Works

Once your loved one has been arrested in Orange County, give us a call with their basic information such as name, age, the location of the arrest and we’ll be able to locate them within any police department or county jail.

Online records typically take 3-4 hours to show after an individual has been arrested. Once we’ve located the inmate, we will be able to provide you with full booking information. Bail bond amount, criminal charges, court date and time, court location, warrant information and whether or not they will be released or held in custody.

If your loved one would like to bail out, feel free to contact Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds Orange County for a free quote by dialing 714-795-2215.